Reversing a One-Way Bilingual Dictionary

By November 17, 2016,
Page 405-410
Author Leonard Newmark
Title Reversing a One-Way Bilingual Dictionary
Abstract In 1996, I completed a 10-year project to compile an Albanian-English dictionary of some 75,000 entries and sub-entries. With that project completed, I decided to prepare a companion English-Albanian dictionary, but I did not want to devote another 10 years to that compilation. Instead, I wanted to see how far purely computational techniques would go in converting my dictionary into its derived reverse. This paper is a report on the degree to which the attempt succeeded and the degree to which human intervention was required. Examples are provided to illustrate some rather surprising results, and a general conclusion is drawn for bilingual lexicography.
Session PART 5 - Bilingual Lexicography
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