Reversing the Dutch-Estonian Dictionary to Estonian-Dutch

By November 17, 2016,
Page 389-399
Author Anne Tamm
Title Reversing the Dutch-Estonian Dictionary to Estonian-Dutch
Abstract This contribution evaluates some aspects ofthe reversing ofthe Dutch-Estonian electronic bilingual dictionary database to Estonian-Dutch. The project has linked two monolingual lexical databases and added new lexical and example units with the editor tool OMBI. The links are provided with information about the status of equivalence. The two sources are the Dutch Reference File and an Estonian database ofpolysemous words. The strategies ofderiving correct polysemy representations ofthe Estonian items in the course of editing the Dutch-Estonian dictionary are be evaluated. Prior to dictionary editing, an Estonian reference file for polysemous words was created. In the course of editing, many missing entries and senses were added. The Estonian reference file consists of three structurally different parts: first, the left side of another bilingual dictionary, second, a database ofamonolingual dictionary, third, a part created specially for the database. It is argued that the high quality ofthe target language database and a correct specification ofthe equivalence information are crucial for successful reversing. Verbal polysemy and its relation to the Estonian object case have posed a major challenge for the project.
Session Reports on Lexicographical and Lexicological Projects
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