Semantic and syntactic properties of verbs of communication

By November 17, 2016,
Page 693-698
Author Kristel Proost, Daniel Glatz
Title Semantic and syntactic properties of verbs of communication
Abstract This essay is concerned with the event structure of verbs of communication. Some verbs of communication cannot easily be classified as belonging to a particular type of event structure, while others are basically Activity predicates. We show that this difference with respect to event structure depends on the lexicalization of speaker attitudes. Those verbs of communication which do not express any particular speaker attitude can be assigned an Activity event structure, which can then be expanded to yield an Accomplishment. However, genuine speech act verbs, i. e. verbs which are specified with respect to speaker attitudes, do not correspond to any event structure type and do not allow a similar expansion of their argument structure.
Session PART 14 - Linguistic Description in Dictionaries: Semantics
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