Semantic-based Retrieval of Complex Nominals in Terminographic Resources

Page 269-281
Author Melania Cabezas-García, Juan Carlos Gil-Berrozpe
Title Semantic-based Retrieval of Complex Nominals in Terminographic Resources
Abstract In English, specialized concepts frequently take the form of complex nominals (CNs), e.g. greenhouse gas emissions. The syntactic-semantic complexity of these multi-word terms (MWTs) highlights the need for a systematic treatment in specialized resources. This paper explores how semantic patterns in CNs can be applied to retrieve information in terminological knowledge bases, specifically in EcoLexicon (, the practical application of Frame-based Terminology (Faber 2012). For that purpose, we extracted the 250 most frequent CNs in an English wind power corpus. Structural disambiguation was performed to identify the internal groups linked by semantic relations. Ad-hoc semantic categories were then assigned to the elements of CNs with a view to studying the formation of CNs and allowing semantic-based queries in EcoLexicon. Then, the semantic relations between the CN constituents were analyzed by means of knowledge patterns and paraphrases. Our preliminary results showed recurrent semantic patterns in CN formation. This facilitates the inference of semantic relations, which is one of the main difficulties of MWTs. Furthermore, a semantic-based view of the CN module of EcoLexicon is presented, which allows different types of semantic query.
Keywords complex nominals, semantic patterns, semantic categories, terminological knowledge bases
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