Semi-Automatic Analysis of Dictionary Glosses

By November 17, 2016,
Page 449-455
Author Rune Lain Knudsen
Title Semi-Automatic Analysis of Dictionary Glosses
Abstract Automatic methods for information retrieval, knowledge engineering/representation and text classification are important tools for processing large amounts of natural language. Lexicographic databases are being used as part of the toolset for some of these methodologies. At the Department of Linguistic and Scandinavian Studies (UiO), a Norwegian wordnet (NorNet) is being developed by applying a thorough analysis of the semantic parts of the definitions contained in BokmÄlsordboka (BOB) in order to generate a network of semantic relations. In addition to the development of a wordnet using this dictionary-based method, the analysis stage of the process is valuable in itself as it can be used to give new insights into the consistency of the source material and gloss structure in general. An overview of the analysis stage is presented in this paper. The analysis is limited to verb definitions for the time being, and should be regarded as a work in progress.
Session Lexicography and language technology
Keywords wordnet, semantic networks, computational linguistics, bioinformatics
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