Shakespeare Lexicography. Trends of development (XVIII-XX cc.)

By November 17, 2016,
Page 593-600
Author Olga M. Karpova
Title Shakespeare Lexicography. Trends of development (XVIII-XX cc.)
Abstract The aim of my work is to give a comprehensive picture of the development of Shakespeare lexicography during the past three centuries. More than 100 reference books compiled in different lexicographic forms (concordance, index, glossary and lexicon) have been analysed beginning from reference books with a limited prescriptive corpus of mainly "significant", "hard" or "remarkable" words up to a universal and complete registrative Shakespeare dictionary which combines the best features of all existing lexicographic forms. The analysis gives exhaustive material for a typology of Shakespeare dictionaries, i.e. a Shakespeare lexicography map.
Session PART 6 - Historical and Scholarly Dictionaries, and other Lexicographical Topics
Keywords Concordance, glossary, lexicon, Shakespeare lexicography, Spevack.
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