Slovene Terminology Web Portal

By November 17, 2016,
Page 971-978
Author Vojko Gorjanc, Simon Krek, Špela Vintar
Title Slovene Terminology Web Portal
Abstract Work in the field of terminology is extensively supported worldwide as it enhances the transfer of science and technology. In Slovenia, there is a series of terminology-related activities running, and a significant number of terminology dictionaries and terminological data exist, but they are methodologically heterogeneous and often unavailable for public use. Traditionally, terminology work in Slovenia is closely connected with other activities in the filed of lexicology and lexicography, especially regarding the methodological approach to the compilation of dictionaries of specialised languages. Therefore, terminology work is mostly regarded only as a process involving the compilation of dictionaries. The paper presents the Slovene Terminology Web Portal project. The main objective of the project is to develop the Slovenian terminology portal to offer basic information on the principles of terminological work and to present a terminological database in a unified format. In the core of the presentation, there is a process of conversion of different types of existing terminology data from different sources into XML format with a simple DTD/schema and from there to unified TBX database. Simultaneously, the feasibility of linking textual resources and the extraction of term candidates with the terminological database is also shortly presented.
Session 5. Lexicography for Specialised Languages - Terminology and Terminography
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