Slovenian Lexicographers at Work

Page 199-208
Author Alenka Vrbinc, Donna M. T. Cr. Farina, Marjeta Vrbinc
Title Slovenian Lexicographers at Work
Abstract This paper reports part 1 of findings from a grant project between Slovenia and the U.S. that set out to understand the context and content of modern Slovenian lexicography. Interviews were conducted with six Slovenian lexicographers and one terminographer working on different projects within several institutions (the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts; the University of Ljubljana; and Trojina, Institute for Applied Slovenian Studies). The grant’s aim was to discern the philosophical underpinnings, most noteworthy accomplishments, and main projects of Slovenian dictionary work. The focus was on those aspects of lexicographic work that have the greatest significance for the general educated public rather than areas (such as dialectology, etymology, etc.) that might attract primarily language specialists. The interview script consisted of thirteen narrative questions, designed to allow interviewees to reflect on their daily practice and their underlying vision of what lexicography or terminography is. This paper focuses on a single interview question that captured the interviewees’ views on drudgery in lexicography, and on the social/ethical role of the lexicographer.
Keywords harmless drudge, drudgery, interview, lexicographer, objectivity
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