Smart dictionary editing with LeXmart

By September 7, 2022,
Page 423-434
Author Alberto Simões, Ana Salgado
Title Smart dictionary editing with LeXmart
Abstract Given the relevance of interoperability, born­-digital lexicographic resources as well as legacy retro-­digitised dictionaries have been using structured formats to encode their data, following guidelines such as the Text Encoding Initiative or the newest TEI Lex­0. While this new standard is being defined in a stricter approach than the original TEI dictionary schema, its reuse of element names for several types of annotation as well as the highly detailed structure makes it difficult for lexicographers to efficiently edit resources and focus on the real content. In this paper, we present the approach designed within LeXmart to facilitate the editing of TEI Lex­0 encoded resources, guaranteeing consistency through all editing processes.
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Keywords Dictionary encoding, Text Encoding Initiative, dictionary editing system
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