Standardization of the Complement/Adjunct Distinction

By November 17, 2016,
Page 141-150
Author Adam Meyers, Catherine Macleod, Ralph Grishman
Title Standardization of the Complement/Adjunct Distinction
Abstract This paper[a] reports on criteria for distinguishing complements from adjuncts in the development of COMLEXSyntax[b], a large on-line syntactic lexicon of English. Correct, or at least consistent, criteria are crucial for lexicographyand natural language processing. Complement/adjunct criteria from linguistics and lexicography leave a gray area - optional complements are difficult to distinguish from adjuncts. In an experiment we conducted, four graduate students make substantially the same Complement/Adjunctdistinctions for 205 examples using our criteria.
Session PART 1 - Computational Lexicology and Lexicography
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