Starting from Scratch – The Creation of an Irish-language Idiom Database

By November 23, 2016,
AuthorKatie Ní Loingsigh, Brian Ó Raghallaigh
TitleStarting from Scratch – The Creation of an Irish-language Idiom Database
AbstractThis paper presents a database of Irish-language idioms along with a description of its internal schema. This is a dialect-specific synchronic study of idioms in the Irish of West Munster from the published work of Canon Peadar Ó Laoghaire (1839-1920). Firstly, a brief overview is given of previous research undertaken on Irish-language idioms in the area of phraseology. The database schema is outlined in the latter section of the paper. Each of the individual categories in which idioms are recorded, categorized, explained and cross-referenced in the database are described in detail. A selection of sample entries is provided in the Appendix to this paper. This research provides an innovative approach to the collection and categorization of Irish-language idioms and also a foundation for further analysis of idioms in other dialects and languages and for future studies in this area.
SessionPhraseology and Collocation
Keywordslexicography; language technology; phraseology; collocation; database schema
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