Synonymy in Modern Tatar reflected by the Tatar-Russian Socio-Political Thesaurus

Page 585-594
Author Alfiia Galieva
Title Synonymy in Modern Tatar reflected by the Tatar-Russian Socio-Political Thesaurus
Abstract This paper discusses some aspects of lexical synonymy in the modern Tatar language that have been revealed in the course of compiling the bilingual Russian-Tatar Socio-Political Thesaurus. Building the thesaurus is aimed at fixing all Tatar single words and multiword items related to the socio-political sphere with their Russian equivalents. A distinguishing feature of the contemporary Tatar lexicon is a great deal of absolute synonyms which emerged due to a combination of intralinguistic and extralinguistic factors. We disclose social and linguistic causes of the emergence of synonyms, describe the main structural types of synonymous items, and present corpus data on their frequency. Corpus data prove that synonymy in socio-political terminology is rather an artificial and superficial phenomenon. Currently most Tatar socio-political terms are coined by calquing the corresponding Russian terms, and lexical preferences of translators and terminology developers may differ, which leads to a large number of competing items of different origin and structure. On the level of multiword items, lexical variation is complicated by the factor of syntactic variation, which in its turn multiplies the number of synonymous compounds. Parallel denominations are used for a wide range of phenomena, including official names of state structures and social institutions.
Keywords lexical synonymy, absolute synonyms, socio-political vocabulary, bilingual thesaurus, the Tatar language
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