Syntagmatic lexical relations: a lexicographical perspective

By November 17, 2016,
Page 411-418
Author Leon G. de Stadler
Title Syntagmatic lexical relations: a lexicographical perspective
Abstract In this рарѳг I will contrast syntagmatic ІѳхiсаІ relations (e.g. the relationship holding between 'blond" and "hair") with their paradigmatic counterparts (synonymy, antonymy, hyponymy, etc.), draw attention to different types of syntagmatic relations and show what relevance this phenomenon has for lexicography. I will deal wlth different mechanisms available to the lexicographer to account for this very important type of lexical relation and show that these mechanisms can become, if they have not already done so, lexicographical conventions with some theoretical import.
Session PART 4 - Linguistics in Lexicography
Keywords syntagmatic lexical relation, paradigmatic lexical relation, encapsulation, prototype, essential meaning relation
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