Systemic lexicography

By November 17, 2016,
Page 3-16
Author Jurij D. Apresjan
Title Systemic lexicography
Abstract In this paper I propose that in order to be systemic an explanatory dictionary should meet the following requirements: 1) to reflect the naive picture of the world inherent in the given language; 2) to describe lexical items in conjunction with grammatical rules within the framework of an integrated theory of language; 3) to use a unified metalanguage throughout the whole linguistic description; in particular, to reduce complex meanings, by gradually decomposing them, to the set of semantic primitives; 4) to present lexical items as members of lexicographic types; 5) to delineate their lexicographic portraits
Session Plenaries
Keywords naive picture of the world, integrated (unified) description of lexicon and grammar, semantic primitives, lexicographic types, lexicographic portraits.
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