Tackling lexicographical anisomorphism in front matter comments

By November 17, 2016,
Page 527-532
Author Mats-Peter Sundström
Title Tackling lexicographical anisomorphism in front matter comments
Abstract This paper contains a presentation of areas, illustrated by examples from the Finnish language, where the inclusion of front matter notes concerning certain construction patterns typical of the Finnish language may be advisable. The present writer holds that similar problems may occur also in bilingual dictionaries involving other languages and thus proposes that comments on topics such as source language hypernymy without target language equivalency as well as common source language grammatical constructions of a lexicalized character, lacking one-to-one correspondencies in the target language may deserve preface comment.
Session PART 5 - The Dictionary-Making Process
Keywords hypernyms, grammatical structure, lexical anisomorphism, bilingual dictionaries, problem solving.
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