Teaching Lexicography

By November 17, 2016,
Page 443-451
Author Tamás Magay
Title Teaching Lexicography
Abstract Teaching lexicography and lexicology in a country where the language spoken is one of the lesser known languages (i.e. Hungarian), and where, for various reasons, lexicography and lexicology has not yet been taught as an academic subject at university level are treated from the point of view of the main components of a dictionary, viz. word (lexis, lexicology), grammar (morphology, syntax), meaning (semantics), as well as pronunciation (phonology), and multi-word units (phraseology). The author addresses how to organize courses in lexicology and lexicography as one subject and curricula thereof. A proposal is made to create a pool of curricula in lexicography and lexicology.
Session PART 10 - Teaching Lexicography
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