TEDIPOR: Thesaurus of Dialectal Portuguese

By November 17, 2016,
Page 267-281
Author Sandra Pereira, Raissa Gillier
Title TEDIPOR: Thesaurus of Dialectal Portuguese
Abstract The Thesaurus of Dialectal Portuguese (TEDIPOR) is a dialectal tool under construction. It is a fact that the changing and decreasing of the rural world and of its ways of life lead to the banning and to the extinction of a huge quantity of dialectal lexical variation. Therefore, TEDIPOR is a testimony of a disappearing lifestyle that will be preserved in a rich lexical database. It also aims to make available to the scientific community and to the society in general an important amount of dialectal, ethnographic and cultural information that is often difficult to access and handle. The sources to be integrated in the database include the glossaries of academic monographs (between 1940s and 1970s), atlases, dialectal inquiries and other papers containing dialectal information. In order to demonstrate the usefulness of this tool, all the designations concerning the concepts bebedeira (drunkenness), bêbedo (drunk) and embebedar (to get drunk) were gathered and are analysed under a lexical approach. The results demonstrate that many of the denominations found in TEDIPOR are not attested by Portuguese dictionaries, revealing that these materials are an important source for lexicographic research. Furthermore, the geographical distribution of the concepts bebedeira (drunkenness), bêbedo (drunk) and taberna (tavern) is also presented from a cartographic perspective. The maps show that it is possible to identify dialectal areas for some of the designations. Both the lexical and geographical analyses illustrate the potential of TEDIPOR, especially for Dialectology and Geolinguistics.
Session Lexicography and identity, indigenous languages
Keywords dialectology, lexicography, vocabulary, geolinguistics, database
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