TermFactory: A Platform for Collaborative Ontology-based Terminology Work

By November 17, 2016,
Page 931-936
Author Igor Kudashev, Irina Kudasheva, Lauri Carlson
Title TermFactory: A Platform for Collaborative Ontology-based Terminology Work
Abstract TermFactory is an array of standards and tools based on Semantic Web ontology techniques. Its mission is to allow companies, organizations and individual contributors to collaboratively produce multi-domain special language vocabularies and ontologies. Ontologization of terminological data has several benefits, such as global identification of concepts, automatic checks for logical errors, reasoning and data propagation, presentation of data in machine readable and -processable form and the possibility to substitute static entries with dynamic ‘views’ tailored according to the user’s needs and preferences. Collaborative work is a double-edged sword which potentially has many benefits but may also present serious challenges. In our poster, we describe challenges of collaborative terminology work and possible solutions to them. If well-organized, a collaborative project can be quite successful, as the example of Wikipedia and many other collaborative projects on the Internet demonstrate.
Session Lexicography for Specialised Languages – Terminology and Terminography
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