Terminology of Higher Education: Towards International Harmonization.

By November 17, 2016,
Page 549-553
Author Vera Budykina
Title Terminology of Higher Education: Towards International Harmonization.
Abstract The paper describes the evolution of dictionary of education since the first special dictionary of this kind was compiled in 1945. With the spread of globalization and the Bologna process the problem of harmonization of terminology is up-to-date. In particular, the terminology used by teachers, students, and educators in European higher educational institutions is of great interest to those who are not native speakers of English. This paper describes the new project of compiling an English-Russian Dictionary of Higher Education. The paper also highlights the results obtained from experiments, which have proven that educational terminology in English is difficult to understand due to the differences in educational systems. To fill this void, and compile the bilingual dictionary of higher education it was necessary to identify three dimensions of terminology development: the cognitive, linguistic and communicative. The last part of the paper describes the methodology based on the three dimensions and the tools of the project, which is aimed at harmonizing the terminology used within higher education on an international level, and the compilation of bi- and multilingual dictionaries of higher education, which are few at the moment.
The project will benefit further developments of the European higher education sphere, creating a mutually beneficial cooperation between countries and stimulating collaborative university partnerships. It will also favor both international understanding and multiculturalism and hopefully contribute not only to enrichment of lexicography but science, research, and technology.
Session Terminology, LSP and lexicography
Keywords dictionary compilation, terminology of higher education, international harmonization of terminology, dictionary of higher education, dimensions of terminology development.
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