The Compilation of a Printed and Online Corpus-based Bilingual Collocations Dictionary

By November 23, 2016,
Page 735-745
Author Adriane Orenha-Ottaiano
Title The Compilation of a Printed and Online Corpus-based Bilingual Collocations Dictionary
Abstract Collocations are conventionalized, recurrent and arbitrary lexical combinations. Due to the fact that they are highly specific for a particular language and may be contextually restricted, collocations pose a problem to foreign language learners and translators with regard to the production or encoding. Taking that into account, the compilation of monolingual and bilingual collocations dictionaries for the learners of both English and Brazilian Portuguese as a foreign language and professional translators is crucial and highly significant. The aim of this paper is to give an account of the compilation of a printed and online Corpus-based Bilingual Collocations Dictionary, in the English-Portuguese and Portuguese-English directions. The dictionary will focus on all types of collocations (verbal, nominal, adjectival and adverbial collocations) in order to help the referred audience use them more accurately and productively. The idea of having the proposed dictionary in online format will allow to incorporate more qualitatively and quantitatively collocational information. Furthermore, more examples can be included, different from conventional printed collocations dictionaries. Being the first bilingual collocations dictionary in the aforementioned directions, it is hoped to achieve the challenge of meeting learners’ collocational needs as the collocations will be selected according to Brazilian learners’ difficulties.
Session Phraseology and Collocation
Keywords corpus-based collocations dictionary; collocations; bilingual collocations dictionary; collocational patterns
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