The Comprehensive English-Georgian Online Dictionary: Methods, Principles, Modern Technologies

By November 17, 2016,
Page 764-770
Author Tina Margalitadze
Title The Comprehensive English-Georgian Online Dictionary: Methods, Principles, Modern Technologies
Abstract The aim of the paper is to present the lexicographic project completed in I. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, namely the Comprehensive English-Georgian Online Dictionary.
Conceived back in the 1960s of the previous century at the Chair of English Philology of the University, the dictionary project has gone through many difficult stages: erroneous decisions about principles of compilation of dictionary entries, incorrect sources chosen for the dictionary, lack of experience of lexicographic work at an educational institution, no financing, etc. In the 1980s a small team of editors embarked on thorough revision of the dictionary material and started publication of the dictionary in fascicles, on a letter-by-letter basis. The online version of the dictionary, posted in the Internet in 2010, is based on the mentioned fascicles. The paper discusses the macrostructure of the dictionary, considerations behind the selection of the word-list for the dictionary; principles of presentation of homonyms, converted forms, polysemy; exemplification policy, as illustrative phrases and sentences constitute a very important component of dictionary entries. The paper pays special attention to the treatment of semantic asymmetry between genetically unrelated and systemically completely different languages as is the case with the Georgian and English languages. The paper elucidates grammatical, as well as other types of labels employed in the dictionary: temporal (archaic, obsolate), regional (American English, Australian English, etc); formal and informal, spoken words, sociolects and connoted vocabulary are also marked by respective labels (formal, informal, colloquial, vulgar, slang, derogatory, contemptuous, pejorative, etc); specialized terminology has subject-specific labels (anatomy, architecture, astronomy, biology, geography, geology, economics, medicine, metallurgy, philosophy, finance, technical, zoology, etc).
The Comprehensive English-Georgian Online Dictionary is a web-application developed in accordance with modern standards and requirements. The engine of the dictionary is written in PHP scripting language. The dictionary vocabulary and systemic bases are located in MySQL database. Interfaces use some JavaScript. The web-application comprises user, administration and billing functions and interfaces, thus creating an integrated and dynamic resource which provides a unique opportunity to simultaneously use, maintain and administer the dictionary.
Session Reports on lexicographical projects
Keywords English-Georgian dictionary, structure content, software.
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