The Danish Sign Language Dictionary

By November 17, 2016,
Page 1549-1554
Author Jette H. Kristoffersen, Thomas Troelsgård
Title The Danish Sign Language Dictionary
Abstract The entries of the The Danish Sign Language Dictionary have four sections:
· Entry header: In this section the sign headword is shown as a photo and a gloss. The first occurring location and handshape of the sign are shown as icons.
· Video window: By default the base form of the sign headword is shown. Other types of videos are rendered in this window, but activated by clicking play buttons in different sections of the entry.
· Meanings window: In this section the meanings of the sign are shown. The meaning description includes: Danish equivalents, a description of the sign's usage (for function signs) and mouth movement, cross-references to synonyms etc., information about restricted use, and example sentences. Semantically opaque compounds with the sign are shown below the regular meanings.
· Additional information: This section holds cross-references to homonyms and to common frozen forms of the sign (only for classifier entries). In addition to this, frequent co-occurrences with the sign are shown in this section.
The signs in the The Danish Sign Language Dictionary can be looked up through:
· Handshape: Particular handshapes for the active and the passive hand can be specified. There are 65 searchable handshapes.
· Location: Location is chosen from a page with 15 location icons, representing locations on or near the body.
· Text: Text searches are performed both on Danish equivalents, sign glosses and example sentences (both transcriptions and translations). This enables users to find signs that are not themselves lemmas in the dictionary, but appear in example sentences.
· Topic: Topics can be chosen as search criteria from a list of 70 topics.
Session Sign Language
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