The Development of a Network Thesaurus with Morpho-semantic Word Markups

By November 23, 2016,
Page 273-279
Author Marko Orešković, Mirko Čubrilo, Mario Essert
Title The Development of a Network Thesaurus with Morpho-semantic Word Markups
Abstract This paper presents a part of the network frame of Croatian linguistics which focuses on a new kind of thesaurus, based on morpho-semantic features of words. Instead of the classic (e.g. MULTEXT-EAST) POS tagging of words for grammatical and some semantic categories (e.g. animate), in this paper every word has its hierarchical T-structure which can hold various data types in its branches (string, integer, link, word list, ordered word list etc.), and in that way words and their various occurrence possibilities in a text can be described even better. Moreover, the known WordNet or other semantic structures (e.g. the Croatian Language Portal, terminology repository or a network encyclopedia) can be presented as T-structure nodes in the same way. During this process each word in the definition of an entry is linked to a lexicon, which results in increasing the semantic connectivity of words by at least one order of magnitude (about ten times more semantic relations). Searching through and browsing such a network dictionary brings a new dimension, and words in the dictionary, beside the paradigmatic, also possess all the syntagmatic properties, because the computer processes their appearance in any utterance or sentence as a series of connected nodes (LOD objects). This provides the possibility of storing all data in triplestore (e.g. on the Virtuoso server).
Session Lexicography and Language Technologies
Keywords lexical markup framework; morpho-semantic tree-structures; semantic networks
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