The DHmine Dictionary Work-flow: Creating a Knowledge-based Author’s Dictionary

AuthorTamás Mészáros, Margit Kiss
TitleThe DHmine Dictionary Work-flow: Creating a Knowledge-based Author’s Dictionary
AbstractDigitalized author’s dictionaries could play an important role in humanities research. Not only could they provide better ways to study an individual author’s vocabulary, but they could also act as a knowledge source for other computer-based methods. We present the process of making an author’s dictionary of headwords, writing variations, word forms and corpus citations extended with part-of-speech, linguistic, literary and semantic information. We also describe how this extended dictionary incorporates knowledge from linked open data sources and from critical annotations and builds an RDF knowledge base attached to the dictionary. The result is a vast knowledge source about an author’s oeuvre that can be studied and used to enhance corpus analysis. We demonstrate our method on processing a large text corpora of 1.5 million words from the 18th century and on creating the digital author’s dictionary of Kelemen Mikes.
Keywordsauthor’s dictionaries, knowledge-based systems, corpus analysis, linked open data
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