The Dictionary of the Learned Level of Modern Greek

Page 631-640
Author Anna Anastassiadis-Symeonidis, Asimakis Fliatouras, Georgia Nikolaou
Title The Dictionary of the Learned Level of Modern Greek
Abstract The aim of this paper is to discuss the theoretical background and methodological tools for the elaboration of a specialized dictionary, the Dictionary of the Learned Elements of Modern Greek (DILLEMOG). The learned level of Modern Greek (MG), which originates from the natural diachronic inheritance and from the prototyping of Ancient Greek, includes segments, structures and processes which pertain to all levels of linguistic analysis. DILLEMOG will constitute an innovative lexicographical database which will provide the user with all the necessary information on the [+ learned] linguistic items of MG, such as definitions, collocations, degree of learnedness, lexical and morphological classification, functionality and usage.
Keywords learned level, DILLEMOG, lexicographical project
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