The EMLex dictionary of lexicography (EMLexDictoL)

By September 7, 2022,
Page 690-699
Author Stefan J. Schierholz, Monika Bielinska, Maria José Domínguez Vázquez, Rufus H. Gouws, Martina Nied Curcio
Title The EMLex dictionary of lexicography (EMLexDictoL)
Abstract The EMLex Dictionary of Lexicography (= EMLexDictoL) is a plurilingual subject field dictionary (in German, English, Afrikaans, Galician, Italian, Polish and Spanish) that contains the basic subject field terminology of lexicography and dictionary research, in which the dictionary article texts are presented in a sophisticated but comprehensible form. The articles are supplemented by a complex cross-referencing system and the current subject field literature of the respective national languages. Following the lemma position, the dictionary articles contain items regarding morphology, synonymy, the position of the definiens, additional explanations, the cross-reference position, the position for literature, the equivalent terms in the other six languages of the dictionary as well as the names of the authors.
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Keywords Special field lexicography, multilingual dictionary, EMLex
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