The first Romanian dictionaries (17th Century). Digital aligned corpus.

By September 7, 2022,
Page 222-229
Author Ana-Maria Gînsac, Mihai-Alex Moruz, Mădălina Ungureanu
Title The first Romanian dictionaries (17th Century). Digital aligned corpus.
Abstract This paper presents the project “The first Romanian bilingual dictionaries (17th century). Digitally annotated and aligned corpus” (eRomLex) which deals with the editing of the first bilingual Romanian dictionaries. The aim of the project is to compile an electronic corpus comprising six Slavonic­ Romanian lexicons dating from the 17th century, based on their relatedness and the fact that they follow a common model in order to highlight the characteristics of this lexicographical network (the affiliations between the lexicons, the way they relate to the source, the innovations towards it, their potential uses) and to facilitate the access to their content. A digital edition allows exhaustive data extraction and comparison and link with other digitized resources for old Romanian or Church Slavonic, including dictionaries. After presenting the corpus, we point to the necessary stages in achieving this project, the techniques used to access the material and the challenges and obstacles we encountered along the way. We describe how the corpus was created, stored, indexed and can be searched over; we will also present and discuss some statistical analyses highlighting relations between the Romanian lexicons and their Slavonic-­Ruthenian source.
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Keywords Romanian lexicography, 17th century, Church Slavonic, bilingual dictionaries in electronic format
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