The National Terminology Database for Irish: software demonstration

By November 17, 2016,
Page 937-948
Author Michal Boleslav Měchura, Brian Ó Raghallaigh
Title The National Terminology Database for Irish: software demonstration
Abstract In this demonstration, we will showcase the National Terminology Database for Irish which was launched on-line in 2006 and immediately became very popular, attracting hundreds of thousands of searches every month. The Web site allows users to search a database of around 300,000 terms. It was developed to make the stock of terms of the National Terminology Committee available online, and was designed to be easy to use.
In addition to the public-facing Web site, the software comprises an editorial interface (passwordprotected Web site), a relational database, and a library of objects and functions that acts as an interface between the two Web sites and the database.
The public-facing Web site allows users to search the database using a 'Quick Search', a 'Complex Search', or an 'Alphabetical Listings' function. The ‘Quick Search’ function returns ‘Similar terms’, ‘Exact matches’, and ‘Related matches’ from the database. The editorial interface allows users to search and edit the data contained in the database.
While the primary requirement for the public-facing Web site is user-friendliness, the primary requirement for the database is the ability to record complex linguistic data in a logical structure. The structure adopted for the Irish lexical database is based on the conceptual model, widely considered a standard in the terminology industry (ISO 704). The database is multilingual and contains rich grammatical labelling, usage examples, definitions, as well as other information. The database, editorial tools, and public interface were developed by Fiontar in-house using Microsoft technologies. The database and Web sites are hosted by Information Systems & Services, Dublin City University.
A new version of the public site was recently launched and can be accessed at the following URL:
Session Lexicography for Specialised Languages – Terminology and Terminography
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