The Greek High School Dictionary: Description and issues

By November 17, 2016,
Page 515-524
Author Maria Gavrilidou, Voula Giouli, Penny Labropoulou
Title The Greek High School Dictionary: Description and issues
Abstract This paper reports on the compilation of a monolingual Greek pedagogical dictionary targeted at young native language learners, namely secondary education students, aged between 12 and 15. The dictionary, which is in printed form, has been designed to be used in the classroom as a supporting tool for language learning, but also as reference work tailored to meet students. needs for language understanding and production both at school and in everyday activities outside school. To this end, considerations on userfriendliness have been accounted for, and the design and implementation of the dictionary content have built primarily on the needs and requirements of schoolchildren pertaining to the specific age group. The dictionary comprises 15,000 lemmas covering general language vocabulary along with terms belonging to subjects taught at the specific level of education. Information that is central to the pedagogical targets of language learning has been encoded for each lemma, i.e., part of speech, morphology-difficult inflectional forms, domain, register, definitions, usage examples, etc. Finally, useful comments focus on interesting aspects of certain words. semantics, usage, register etc. The central feature of the dictionary is the headword organization which employs systematically word formation criteria: derivatives by suffixation are organized in wordfamilies, while prefixes are included in the dictionary as independent headwords accompanied with lists of derivatives or compounds on the basis of derivational and semantic criteria. The paper presents the framework of the project and its specifications, discusses the main methodological principles that underlie its construction and elaborates on the dictionary description, the main problems faced and the solutions adopted in the process of its compilation.
Session 2. The Dictionary-Making Process
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