The lemmatization of expressions in descriptive dictionaries

AuthorWillem Botha
TitleThe lemmatization of expressions in descriptive dictionaries
AbstractOf the three types of lexical items, namely the sublexical, the lexical and the multilexical. It seems that the multilexical is neglected most by descriptive dictionaries. Descriptive dictionaries, however, do not consistently include multiword lexical items as lemmas, but more often treat them as microstructural elements in the articles of lexical lemmas. This paper discusses the lemmatization of a very special group of multiword lexical items, namely expressions. The theoretical component of lexicography has long been in favour of the awarding of lemma status to expressions, yet has until recently not presented feasible suggestions on how this should be undertaken. Two possible ways of lemmatization are discussed. Guidelines are given for the microstructural treatment of expressions by the development of a computer field structure for onscreen entry. This discussion could help the practising lexicographer to present expressions in a more satisfactory and lexicographically correct way.
SessionPART 5 - The Dictionary-Making Process
Keywordslemmatization, multiword lexical items
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