The lexicographical treatment of neo-classical compounds

By November 17, 2016,
Page 379-385
Author Aletta Elizabeth van Niekerk
Title The lexicographical treatment of neo-classical compounds
Abstract Neo-classical compounds consist of a combination of a Greek or Latin word element and another element (affix or root). The morphological and semantic differences between these elements and affixes are such that the elements could be referred to as neo-classlcal roots. Neo-classical roots should be included as sublexical items in dictionaries. The lexicographer should be consistent in supplying etymological and phonological information regarding foreign word-elements and may neither ignore the productivity of neo-classical compounds, nor arbitrarily include or exclude them.
Session PART 4 - Linguistics in Lexicography
Keywords lexicographer, neoclassical compounds, sublexical lemmas, final combining forms, initial combining forms.
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