The Network Integrator of Croatian Lexicographical Resources

By November 23, 2016,
AuthorMarko Orešković, Juraj Benić, Mario Essert
TitleThe Network Integrator of Croatian Lexicographical Resources
AbstractIn this paper we describe an online application which connects various Croatian lexicographical sources (the standard dictionary, professional terminology, and encyclopedias) into a new network framework, which solves the problems of the currently available network solutions and offers new features. Although developed for the formation and processing of the professional terminology of technical sciences (primarily engineering), this framework is easily extensible to all other science areas (humanities, medicine, architecture, etc.). From a word formation standpoint, this framework provides an automatic generation of a temporary dictionary of a given text (entered or taken from the web), comparison of and updating a permanent dictionary with a temporary one (detection of neologisms), an automatic display (standard, professional and encyclopedic) of definitions of the words from the main dictionary or external (network) sources of a given text. From the point of view of processing, the framework enables a classic text analysis (frequency, concordances, statistics), converting the collected data (e.g. technical words) to the linked open data (LOD), and storing it into the Virtuoso triplestore repository. On this data, a variety of professional ontologies for viewing and searching can be developed.
SessionLexicography and Language Technologies
Keywordsnetwork framework; automatic dictionary generation; integration of lexicographic web information; linked open data
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