The onomasiological dictionary: a gap in lexicography

By November 17, 2016,
Page 223-235
Author Gerardo Sierra
Title The onomasiological dictionary: a gap in lexicography
Abstract There is a need for a practical tool to find words from a concept, i.e. to carry out an onomasiological search. An analysis of current tools reveals that there is still a gap that has not been satisfactorily filled by traditional dictionaries or by those dictionaries that offer an onomasiological approach. Current onomasiological dictionaries are inadequate because they do not take into account the fact that the conceptualisations users engage in are different and variable, thus users’ clue words do not coincide with those of the lexicographer. We test several dictionaries that can be used for an onomasiological search, and observe that the clue word to obtain a target word is not the same for these dictionaries. Our analysis leads us towards a practical solution beyond the printed dictionary. The on-line onomasiological dictionary presents the advantages of being easily updated and allowing users to look for information via a range of potential routes.
Session PART 5 - Dictionary Making: Special Types of Information
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