The Oxford-DZS Comprehensive English-Slovenian Dictionary

By November 17, 2016,
AuthorMojca Šorli, Katarina Grabnar, Simon Krek, Tomato Košir
TitleThe Oxford-DZS Comprehensive English-Slovenian Dictionary
AbstractThe paper presents the most comprehensive English-Slovenian dictionary to date. As a corpus-based work with approximately 120,000 entries and an in-depth treatment of the material, the dictionary sets a new standard in Slovenian bilingual lexicography. Designed as a monodirectional bilingual tool, this desk-size dictionary is characterised by a number of specific solutions which might be of interest to a broader lexicographic community. The first section deals with the entry headword list, the second with the rendering of metalanguage, and then follows a section on the grammatical and semantic treatment of the entry headword, with the sub-sections elaborating on sense categories, translation equivalents, and illustrative examples. The paper concludes with a section on the dictionary's layout and format.
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