The Proliferation of the English -ing in the Czech Vocabulary

By November 17, 2016,
Page 731-737
Author Renata Blatná
Title The Proliferation of the English -ing in the Czech Vocabulary
Abstract The paper deals with English loanwords in Czech, especially those ending in the suffix -ing, such as briefing, leasing, windsurfing etc. Its aim is to compare their lexicographical description with the data from the Czech National Corpus. These anglicisms are studied from the orthographic, morphological, derivational and partly semantic aspects. The spelling of this specific group of loanwords (showing three degrees of adaptation) appears to depend on their frequency, style (terminology vs. common usage) or their relation to a particular profession or aspect of life and culture in the English-speaking countries. The influence of consonants and vowels on their phonetic and morphemic environment needs to be examined as an important factor. The relation to previous borrowings with the same stem is also important for the future adaptation of the loanword (cf. inženýring). This approach will lead to a more refined differentiation in the treatment of anglicisms in future Czech dictionaries that will take into account the tendencies of language development.
Session PART 15 - Lexicological Phenomena of Lexicographical Relevance
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