The Treatment of Politeness Elements in French-Korean Bilingual Dictionaries

Page 607-617
Author Hae-Yun Jung, Jun Choi
Title The Treatment of Politeness Elements in French-Korean Bilingual Dictionaries
Abstract Expressions of politeness in French and Korean are lexically as well as conceptually different. For example, there is no equivalent word to the French s’il te/vous plaît (‘please’) in Korean. This particular expression of politeness can be translated in many ways in Korean, which are not necessarily lexical and can also correspond to syntactic elements. At the same time, polite terms of address in French such as Monsieur/Madame (‘Sir/Madam’) have a variety of equivalents which depend on the relationship between the interlocutors and denote the various levels of politeness in Korean. Because of these discrepancies, the lexicographical description of politeness related lexical items presents many issues and shortcomings with regard to their practical use from the perspective of French learners of Korean. The objective of this paper is thus to analyze how lexical items of politeness are treated in French-Korean lexicography and what issues the relevant entries present. The equivalents and examples analyzed are extracted from the Naver dictionary portal, which gathers information from existing published bilingual dictionaries. As a result of the analysis, this study proposes a solution to the issues which the entries of such expressions present by suggesting a model for the lexicographical treatment of politeness elements.
Keywords bilingual dictionary, French-Korean lexicography, politeness, pragmatic information, microstructural model
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