The wdlpOst Toolset for Creating Historical Loanword Dictionaries

By November 23, 2016,
Page 457-462
Author Peter Meyer
Title The wdlpOst Toolset for Creating Historical Loanword Dictionaries
Abstract The wdlpOst dictionary writing system to be presented in this paper has been developed for the specific purposes of a lexicographical project on German loanwords in the East Slavic languages Russian, Belarusian, and Ukrainian. The project’s main objectives are (i) to document those loanwords for which a cognate lexical borrowing from German is known in Polish and (ii) to establish possible borrowing pathways for these lexical items. In the first phase of the project, the collaborative client/server architecture of the wdlpOst system has been used for excerpting detailed lexicographical information from a large range of historical and contemporary East Slavic dictionaries, taking the entries in a large dictionary of German loanwords in Polish as a common frame of reference. For the project’s second phase, the wdlpOst system provides innovative tooling for compiling entries for the East Slavic loanwords. Most importantly, the numerous word sense definitions for a set of cognate loanwords, as excerpted from different lexicographical sources, are mapped onto a system of newly defined cross-language word senses; in a similar vein, the phonemic and graphemic variation in the loanwords and their derivatives is captured through a tool that abstracts from dictionary-specific idiosyncrasies.
Session Bi- and Multilingual Lexicography
Keywords loanword lexicography; dictionary writing system; Slavic languages
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