Totalitarian Dictionary of Czech

By November 17, 2016,
Page 137-144
Author František Čermák
Title Totalitarian Dictionary of Czech
Abstract Due to a decades-long experience with the Communist totalitatian regime, an attempt was made to capture main features of its language, and thus the substance of the time, by a corpus-based dictionary. The corpus, based on large samples of Communist newspapers and booklets, which is now accessible on the web, served as basis for a frequency- based dictionary of the time; it has been provided with statistics according to time periods, with pertinent collocations, appearance in various genres and, most of all, with comparative figures with today´s standard as it is to be found in a large contemporary corpus of Czech. This, by far the first systematic description of the period in any language, is complemented by a detailed study of the lexis of the time, many typical excerps, etc.
Session The Dictionary-Making Process
Keywords corpus; frequency dictionary; dictionary of a period; Communist totalitarian vocabulary
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