Towards a bilingual lexicon of information technology multiword units

By November 17, 2016,
Page 949-953
Author Radosław Moszczyński
Title Towards a bilingual lexicon of information technology multiword units
Abstract The article presents a proposal of an electronic, English-Polish translation dictionary covering the language of computer science. The dictionary will focus on multiword units and phraseology typical for this domain. It is supposed to answer the needs of technical translators, who can easily access simple terminological databases, but lack good production dictionaries that would go beyond single terms. The proposed dictionary aims at filling this gap by focusing on multiword units and their modifications, as well as on individual terms’ collocational patterns.
The dictionary will be based on the idea of ‘extended phraseology’ proposed by Müldner- Nieckowski. According to this idea, phraseology is not limited to idioms in the traditional sense of the word, but also covers phrasemes (i.e. units with conventionalized structure, but without figurative meaning), as well as phraseograms (syntactically incomplete units that carry some semantic value). Such a broad approach to phraseology in the planned dictionary will allow translators to create texts that sound natural to computer science experts and to maintain consistency on the stylistic level on top of terminological consistency.
The dictionary will be created in electronic form, with the aim to make it available free of charge on the Internet as part of the Freedict project.
Session Lexicography for Specialised Languages – Terminology and Terminography
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