Towards a model for investigating predicate-intensifier collocations

By November 17, 2016,
AuthorSilvia Cacchiani
TitleTowards a model for investigating predicate-intensifier collocations
AbstractAdverbial intensifiers express the semantic role of degree. Here, we shall focus on English upgrading intensifiers like very, absolutely, extremely, impossibly. Specifically, what we have mainly aspire at is to develop and apply a simple but efficient model that investigates the motivations behind choosing from among competing intensifiers in a non-haphazard way. Such a model is meant to work as a "combinatory chart" that allows for fair comparison of near-synonymic intensifiers with respect to a number of parameters of variations (or textual preferences) on the morpho-syntactic, lexico-semantic and discourse-pragmatic levels. Its ultimate lexicographic contribution to the issue of predicate-intensifier collocations will be building a combinatory dictionary of English intensifiers - and, later on, a bilingual combinatory dictionary of English and Italian intensifiers.
SessionWork in Progress Session
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