Towards a new type of bilingual dictionary

By November 17, 2016,
Page 463-474
Author Paul Bogaards, Mike Hannay
Title Towards a new type of bilingual dictionary
Abstract This paper contains a proposal for a new type of bilingual dictionary. This dictionary is conceived as an electronic device that will contain one central database including all relevant information for receptive and productive use of the L2. For productive purposes the lexical units (not words) of the L1 will be linked to the corresponding lexical units of a L2 learners' dictionary so as to make available all the information about pronunciation, meaning and use that can be found in these dictionaries. In a comparable way the lexical units of the L2 will be linked with the equivalent lexical units of the L1 of the users. A third kind of use that will be catered for is L2 - (L1) - L2, i.e. a situation in which the user already knows the word of the L2 he needs but can use some information in his mother tongue.
Session Bilingual Lexicography
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