Towards a Representation of Citations in Linked Data Lexical Resources

AuthorAnas Fahad Khan, Federico Boschetti
TitleTowards a Representation of Citations in Linked Data Lexical Resources
AbstractIn this article we look at the modelling of citations in lexical resources in linked data. We start by discussing the treatment of citations in linked data and in TEI; we also look at the idea of different conceptual levels as posited by models such as TEI and FRBR. We argue that in representing citations in lexical resources it is important not to confuse different levels of information, and that at least in the case of attestations it is important to model the purpose of a citation, or the claim that is being made by that citation, separately. We develop this point with two separate examples before presenting lemonBib, our extension of the lemon model based around the idea of a lexical attestation. We also give a treatment of part of one of the examples described previously in the article.
Keywordslinked data, citations, bibliographic data, lexical resources
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