Towards a Sense-based Access to Related Online Lexical Resources

By November 23, 2016,
Page 660-667
Author Thierry Declerck, Karlheinz Mörth
Title Towards a Sense-based Access to Related Online Lexical Resources
Abstract We present an approach aiming at a method to support sense-based cross-dialectal – and cross-lexicon – access to dictionaries of spoken Arabic varieties. The original lexical data consists of three TEI P5 encoded dictionaries describing varieties spoken in Cairo, Damascus and Tunis. This data is included in the Vienna Corpus of Arabic Varieties (VICAV). We briefly present this data, before summarizing the TEI approach for encoding senses in lexical resources. We discuss certain issues related to the TEI representation when it comes to the possibility to provide for a sense-based access to the lexical data. We investigate the use of the recent W3C Ontology-Lexicon Community Group (OntoLex) modeling work and present first results of the mapping of the TEI encoded data onto its ontolex model and show how this new representation format can efficiently support cross-dictionary sense-based access.
Session Lexicography and Semantic Theory
Keywords senses; ontolex; TEI; SKOS; Arabic dialects
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