Towards more and better phrasal entries in bilingual dictionaries

By November 17, 2016,
Page 682-692
Author Sylviane Granger, Marie-Aude Lefer
Title Towards more and better phrasal entries in bilingual dictionaries
Abstract Although the phraseological coverage of dictionaries has improved considerably in recent years, bilingual dictionaries are still lagging behind. The objective of our paper is to show that including a range of multi-word units (MWUs) extracted via the n-gram method can considerably enhance the quality of English<>French bilingual dictionaries. We show how multiword units extracted from monolingual corpora can enhance the phraseological coverage of bilingual dictionaries and suggest ways in which the presentation of these units can be improved. We also focus on the role of translation corpora to enhance the accuracy and diversity of MWU translations in bilingual dictionaries.
Session Collocations, phraseology and idioms
Keywords n-grams, lexical bundles, English, French, phrasal entries, phraseology.
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