Towards the completion of the Dictionary of the Flemish Dialects

By November 17, 2016,
AuthorJacques Van Keymeulen, Veronique De Tier
TitleTowards the completion of the Dictionary of the Flemish Dialects
AbstractThe Dictionary of the Flemish Dialects is a major regional dialect dictionary for the Flemish dialect area, i.e. the provinces of West and East Flanders (Belgium), Zealand Flanders (the Netherlands) and French Flanders (France). The project began in 1972 at Ghent University (Belgium). It is a thematically arranged dictionary, set up along the lines proposed by A. Weijnen for the Dictionary of the Brabantic Dialects (1960-2005) and the Dictionary of the Limburg Dialects (1960-2008), its two sister projects. It combines a dictionary with a word atlas. This paper describes the state of affairs of the Flemish Dictionary with regard to data collection, data processing, presentation and publication. (The specialised software program used for the dictionary is presented in a separate paper, in which much attention is paid to the cartographic tools).
SessionReports on Lexicographical and Lexicological Projects
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