Translating the “untranslatable” words

By November 17, 2016,
Page 473-478
Author Helle Leemets
Title Translating the “untranslatable” words
Abstract For cultural reasons (differences in the ways of life, tradition, beliefs, etc.) every language has words for notions thet are absent from the lexical awareness of speakers of many other languages. In addition there are psycholinguistic reasons (Sapir-Whorf) due to which the multilingual lexicographer is constantly faced with the problem of so-called translation equivalents being rather conveyors of some aspect(s) of the whole sense only. The paper presents examples of both kinds from Estonian and Russian, and some theoretical considerations.
Session PART 5 - The Dictionary-Making Process
Keywords bilingual lexicography, "untranslatable' words, language structure and nomination, culturally-bound vocabulary (exotisms)
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