Treatment of Complex Prepositions in Czech and English Dictionaries

By November 17, 2016,
Page 743-749
Author Renata Novotná
Title Treatment of Complex Prepositions in Czech and English Dictionaries
Abstract The paper studies complex prepositions, such as within the bounds of, on the basis of, their frequency in the 100-million corpora (Czech corpora SYN2000, SYN2005 and SYN2010, English corpus BNC) and their treatment in dictionaries. In the Czech monolingual dictionary Dictionary of Literary Czech (Slovník spisovné češtiny) the complex prepositions are stated under the lemmas of abstract nouns, such as hledisko (viewpoint) - z hlediska (from the point of view of), in the Great Czech-English Dictionary (Velký česko-anglický slovník) by J. Fronek states as prepositions only part of them, the rest of complex prepositions is given in collocations, such as v rámci zákona - within the bounds of law. In the Collins COBUILD English Dictionary the prepositions out of and according to are stated in separate entry, while the rest of the prepositions are stated within another entry. In New Oxford Dictionary of English most of the complex prepositions are stated within the phrases given at the end of each entry, the exceptions are prepositions according to and rather than. The author proposes to state all the complex prepositions as separate entries, i. e. on the same level as single or one-word prepositions.
Session Lemma selection
Keywords complex prepositions, representative corpora, monolingual and bilingual dictionaries.
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