Treatment of compound terminology entries

By November 17, 2016,
Page 185-192
Author Patricia Thomas
Title Treatment of compound terminology entries
Abstract The problem of identifying headwords from multiple lexical entry terms is well documented in both lexicography (covering general language, or LGP) and terminography (special language, or LSP). Recommendations are proposed for assessing the 'entry point' or 'headword' of terms comprising several lexical units. A cognitive evaluation needs to be made of the part of the unit on which to focus so that the correct descriptive and informative data are compiled to augment the entry term. Elements of phraseology will be addressed and examples given from special languages in English, French, German and Swedish. Comparisons will be drawn with current English LGP lexicography practices.
Session PART 2 - Terminology and Terminography
Keywords special language headwords, terminological entry terms, special language phrases.
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