Un dizionario bilingue italiano e polacco per uso scolastico

By November 17, 2016,
Page 463-469
Author Roman Sosnowski
Title Un dizionario bilingue italiano e polacco per uso scolastico
Abstract This paper describes a project to build a medium-sized Italian-Polish, Polish-Italian dictionary designed for learners of the Italian language in Poland. We address some common problems (the choice of headwords, dictionary microstructure, etc.) as well as the implementation of the experimental control of its usefulness for teaching/learning purposes. During the preparatory stage of the creation of the dictionary we had prepared some entries with two different layouts. These samples were used as part of a translation exercisezinterview with university and secondary school students. They were asked to evaluate the contents of the samples and their layouts so that we could choose the best possible solution. In addition to this we extensively used VALICO (online Corpus of the Learning Varieties of the Italian Language) and papers dealing with issues of Italian-Polish contrastive linguistics in order to have an objective picture of the lexical problems that Polish learners of Italian language face.
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