United in Diversity: Dutch Historical Dictionaries Online

By November 17, 2016,
Page 1237-1241
Author Katrien Depuydt, Jesse de Does
Title United in Diversity: Dutch Historical Dictionaries Online
Abstract The Integrated Language Database of Dutch (ILD) is a project of the Institute for Dutch Lexicology in Leiden, which integrates corpora, computational lexica and dictionaries describing the Dutch language from ca. 500 until the present. In 2007, the dictionary component was released, already containing two major historical dictionaries of Dutch, the Woordenboek der Nederlandsche Taal (WNT, Dictionary of the Dutch Language, 1500-1976) and the Vroegmiddelnederlands Woordenboek (VMNW, Dictionary of Early Middle Dutch, 1200-1300). When, by 2009, the Middelnederlandsch Woordenboek (MNW, Dictionary of Middle Dutch, 1250-1550) and the Oudnederlands Woordenboek ('ONW', Dictionary of Old Dutch, a current project at INL, to be finished in 2008, ca. 500-1200) will have been added, researchers of Dutch will have access to dictionaries covering the complete history of the Dutch language. The choice of a single application, integrating the dictionaries so that a user might query one or more dictionaries simultaneously, was a logical step because of the complementary nature of the dictionaries. The challenge was not only providing the user with optimal access to the dictionary information, but also doing so without compromising the uniqueness of each individual dictionary. We sketch the principles underlying the application.
Session 7. Dictionary Use
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